TXDOT digital signs ...

Congratulations Texas riders ! 
All of our hard work over the last several years has finally brought awareness into Motorcycle Safety AND Awareness month. This year, TXDOT is finally on board with getting our message out to drivers by using our federal grant money to pay for radio & tv psa's that run during the last week of April  thru the second week in May. They also added our Share the Road message to the highway digital signs in major cities around the state... beginning in April 2011
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Arlington - April  2011 
photo by Craig Lambert, CMA Fishermen Chapter
North Dallas - April  2011 
photo by Thumper (Ind)
ride safe.... !

we've been requesting TXDOT to please add a Share the Road message to their digital highway signs since they first started installing them around 2003..... because they work

2012 incident near Beaumont, TX ...
Riding north out of Beaumont yesterday on US 69 / 96 / 287, I was absolutely amazed to see the big lighted hwy sign (one used for the Amber Alert) to have written on it, "SHARE THE ROAD LOOK TWICE FOR MOTORCYCLES."  The instant I went past the sign the vehicles that had been chasing my rear fender dropped back to a safe distance.   
 -Joker, Nomad Reporter, Skunk Dots Biker News