IMPORTANT : the first thing you should know is that TXDOT will not allow these signs to be 
installed on any state highway. Their reason is a good one -  these particular signs (yellow diamond) are 
meant to signal the driver to slow down & be cautious of something in the immediate area.
However these signs can be installed within city limits. The city will need to approve your suggested locations. The best suggested locations for installation are anyplace where motorcycles frequently enter or exit a local place of business. It helps to determine the best locations for signs in your city and have a list ready to present to your City Council members at your meeting. 

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April 1, 2010
Hutto, TX  
Share the Road presentation
TCOC&I-Austin region
August 28, 2012
Prairie View, TX  
Share the Road presentation
TCOC&I-Houston region
September 11, 2012
Liberty, TX  
Share the Road presentation
TCOC&I-SE TX region (Beaumont)

Share the Road Presentation Speech

this speech can be used in it's exact form or edited however you think best 
for your own 
City Council meeting...

most cities allow 3-5 minutes for 
a presentation, which is plenty of time if you keep your facts to 
the point & use
 hand-outs to help folks visualize the 
signs you are requesting


most cities will have their signs made by their local signmaker 

the city must always supply the pole & installation for each sign 
due to liability issues

sign measurement is  24" x 24"

there is no MUTCD#
assigned for these signs yet, 
but we are working on that


you can distribute handouts
 to each City Council member 
at the beginning of your presentation ... 

this handout shows 
examples of awareness signs around the state

you can create a second handout that
shows the 2 sign styles 
to choose from... 

remember to include 
your contact info 
on each set of handouts 

It helps to include local motorcycle crash & injury information to show our reason for requesting signs... you can contact Butterfly to request any news articles that may have been documented for your city.


So far, most cities are paying for their own signs but some cities that approve installation of signs will need help with funding. Contact us if this happens 
and we'l put your city on the funds needed list...
Right of way is something you give, not take
Motorcycle Crash & Fatality data 
can be obtained from TXDOT. 
Click here to fill out form to request 
info by county.  
*allow up to 30 working days