alittle history...
In May 2005, Butterfly & Big Kid met with Andy Oberlander, Transportation Operations division of TXDOT Dallas District to discuss reasons why the diamond shaped Share the Road sign cannot be approved for placement on any of our state highways. 
It took some time but that day we designed a new sign that Oberlander said would be submitted to Austin for approval during a meeting that next week. We never did hear back on their decision and our project was apparently set aside for a couple years. Then in 2007, someone at the Austin TXDOT office found our design and decided it was a good idea after all. They approved the design for use as a decal to be placed on “watch for ice on bridge” signs. TXDOT then contacted TMRA to partner with them on our project because they thought working with COC clubs might hurt their image. But we got our signs !   Ride Safe  -Butterfly

                        Share the Road Decals

These are pics for some of the Share the Road decals that TXDOT installed at riders requests from 2007 - 2013. They were installed on the  back of 'Watch for Ice on Bridge' signs and only visible during the summer months when these signs were folded up for the season. 
Then sometime in 2013, TXDOT decided to replace all their flip signs with new signs that don't fold up ... so basically that decision discontinued a very good state-wide motorcycle awareness campaign. There are still many 
that remain, but they will someday also disappear.
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ride safe.... !

Kaufman County - 2009
Mavericks MC, Lake Fork Chapter contacted TXDOT to get 32 
Share the Road decals installed in Kaufman County.
Amarillo - 2009
Dean Downey (Ind) & members of Hard Core MM 
contacted TXDOT to get 14 Share the Road decals 
installed within the city of Amarillo.
Wise County - 2010 (Decatur area)
Spiritrider (Ind) & Todd (Decatur PowerSports) contacted TXDOT to get 12 Share the Road decals installed in Wise County. Special thanks to State Rep. Phil King for his assistance.
Wichita Falls - 2010
Star (Ind) & members of Intrepido MC, Boozefighters MC & Legacy Vets contacted TXDOT to get 12 Share the Road decals installed within the city of Wichita Falls.
La Vernia - 2010
Villista Z in San Antonio  region contacted TXDOT to get several Share the Road decals installed in the La Vernia area. 
Granbury, TX - 2011
Seabee & Smiley got the city of Granbury to install this Share the 
Road decal sign. 
Chandler, TX - 2012
Rebel Sons got TXDOT to install  2 Share 
the Road decals on hwy 31 in Chandler TX. 
TXDOT will be installing 10 more when they get them ordered from Austin. 
Texarkana - 2012
Eddy Stenzel (Ind)got TXDOT to install 28 Share the Road decals throughout 
the city of Texarkana. 
this TXDOT campaign began in 2007 & was discontinued in 2013...
Ride Safe in Texas...