Besides the annual campaigns, there are other projects we can all work on to help increase motorcycle awareness in our own backyard. You can check out the projects on this page & pick one to work on in your community... 
let's work together to increase motorcycle awareness... one city at a time
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Speak with your Chief 
of Police & City Manager about adding bumper stickers to their patrol units & city vehicles that  have a message to drivers to Look Again! for motorcycles. 

You can order these stickers from the DPS Motorcycle Safety Unit
2008 - This scrolling electronic sign is at a 
bank in Decatur, TX.... the message says "Look 
Twice, Save a Life. Be Aware of Motorcyclists."
Contact your local bank to make this happen in your area... thanks Spiritrider  : )

Magnetic signs are another great way to increase motorcycle awareness.... 

December 2010 .... Spiritrider found a new way to get folks to be aware of motorcycles on the road... he rang the bell for Salvation Army at his local Wal-Mart while displaying his Watch for Motorcycles t-shirt on his bike.
ride safe.... !

2009 - Chamber of Commerce in La Marque
is helping to get the message out there... thanks to Bug for requesting them to run our message for motorcycle awareness

Ride Safe in Texas...
2009 - Big thanks to DDie for requesting the owner of Vonnie's Liquor in Groves Texas to add our message to his sign for the month of May. We need more of these around the state, 
thanks Vonnie's !   : )