Ride Safe in Texas !

                     Proclamations  2003

a Texas motorcycle awareness campaign....
Texas riders can be personally involved in motorcycle awareness in their community by riding to pick 
up proclamations from City Council meetings & getting newspaper articles published that will help 
increase motorcycle awareness... one city at a time.

Groundwork for obtaining these proclamations was established by members of TMRA,  who for several years 
mailed out hundreds of letters to Mayors across Texas requesting signed proclamations. Many may remember the 
awesome wall of proclamations displayed at their state rally. This was the first step in opening the door for riders to 
be welcomed at their local City Council meetings to pick them up in person. Many Mayors are becoming familiar with 
the purpose of these proclamations and understand that their support can help save lives in their community. 
TMRA was planning to discontinue  their annual mailouts to get proclamations mailed to them, so Butterfly got 
their blessing to put together another campaign that allow bikers to use these proclamations as a valuable tool to 
reach drivers in communities across Texas with our message to please watch for motorcycles. 

Our annual proclamations campaign is intended to take proclamations to the next level...  
By attending local City Council meetings, riders give local residents the chance to put a face to the little tail lights they see 
on the road. This in-person approach seems more effective toward folks remembering our message to please watch for motorcycles on the road. These proclamations can be a very effective tool toward increasing motorcycle awareness 
& hopefully decreasing motorcycle injuries & fatalities across the state. All riders are invited to participate because this proclamation belongs to each of us... club or Independent, it's all the same cause. If we each set up and attend a couple 
meetings each year,  we can start spreading motorcycle awareness across the state... one city at a time.  
-Butterfly, founder of Ride Safe In Texas

We picked up proclamations from 7 cities in the DFW area in 2003
... and each year we plan to increase that number.

we want to thank Governor Perry & our Mayors for their support... 

Ride Safe in Texas...
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DFW region 
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2003 Proclamation 
signed by Governor Perry 
received by TMRA members
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Apr 25 - Shelly Stevens, Independent received a proclamation from 
Mayor Charles England
of  Grand Prairie
May - TMRA2 & local Independents received a proclamation from 
Mayor Pat Evans of  Plano
*broadcast live on PBS
May 5 - members of TMRA, TMRA2 & local Independents received a proclamation 
from Mayor Ken Jones
of  Rockwall
May 27 - Suds & Butterfly, members of Gryphons MC & local Independents received a proclamation from Mayor Joe Jenkins
of  Waxahachie
April - members of Arlington ABATE & local Independents received a proclamation 
from Mayor Cluck of  Arlington
July - Gypsy EZ-DUZ-IT, Big D Chapter received a proclamation 
from Mayor Laura Miller of  Dallas
Sept - Suds & Butterfly & local Independents received a proclamation from 
Mayor Todd Little of  Red Oak
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