about "the Power of One' ...
... we received this letter (below) concerning the work that's being done here by many Texas riders.. ya'l can be very proud because you'r not just making a difference for riders here in Texas... you managed to reach all the way to Oregon.  Outstanding work ya'l  ~Butterfly

4/23/06 ... I am not a Texan but I wanted to let you know that your website is very helpful and inspirational. I am an individual (not affiliated with an MRO) who has been searching for a way to contribute to the effort of educating drivers. Your efforts and your site show that you don't have to be part of a large organization to make a difference.. I am adopting a personal safety program called 
"The Power of One" referring to the fact that each of us have the power to contribute to the 
campaign for motorcycle awareness. Thanks for breaking a trail and sharing what you are doing 
so that others can follow.  Best regards, Richard  (Portland, Oregon)

ride safe.... !

Ride Safe in Texas...
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