About Us...

This is us,  the Ride Safe In Texas team.....   : )
Suds & Butterfly (founders of RSIT in 2003), along with 
"Super B" & Angel (since 2005), Keen-O-Bob (since 2010) 
& Zach's Watch (since 2014)
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Ride Safe in Texas...
ride safe.... !

alittle history...
December of 2002, on their way to a toy run, Tom & Jeanette DeLoach were run over by a driver who ran a stop sign. Tom lost his life that day and Jeanette fought a long battle to recover & take over raising their 8 children ... all alone. A brother had been killed, but the officer who handled the call was sympathetic to the driver's plea that he "didn't see the motorcycle", so this driver went home with no further thought of what he had done that day, and no consequences to pay 
for taking a life.

On January 19, 2003, we put together a meeting called 
"Kill A Biker, Go To Jail".  We brought together leaders from TMRA, TMRA2, & ABATE to discuss what needed to be done to establish a failure to yield law for bikers in the state of Texas. 
It took several years but that law was finally passed in 2009 
as SB 1967.

Ride Safe In Texas established the proclamations campaign in 2003 and our Share the Road signs campaign was established in 2004. 
The history of these campaigns is documented annually on this website.
  -Butterfly, Ride Safe In Texas !
and now alittle about all of us...
We'r Suds & Butterfly (founders of RSIT in 2003). Besides founding Ride Safe In Texas we also have a website for Texas bikers called Suds & Butterfly. If we knew when we made the page that it would turn into a statewide website we woulda called it something else...  : )  It started out with us posting a few flyers for friends who had moved too far away to find the flyers.. so we started posting flyers for them so they would show up at the rallies and party with us. Then alot of other folks liked that idea because back then if you wanted event flyers you had to travel a ways to different bike shops. The rest is history.... and we also send out the Texas bikers newsletter every Friday whenever there's any news in our mailbox. That's about it .... and we'r still having fun !
We are  Zach’s Watch (supporters since 2014), which is a group 
for motorcycle safety and awareness. Zach's Watch group was started for a saftey and awareness  movement in honor of Zach Burke. Zach's life was cut short when he was riding his motorcycle to work and was hit by a car who failed to yeild.  
Not only did he leave behind a loving family,  he left behind his longtime girlfriend and their son, Logan, who was only 16 months old at the time of the accident. At Zach's Memorial Service his mother delivered a strong message. That is to WATCH OUT FOR MOTORCYCLES. It's time to make everyone more aware that we Share the Road and WE ALL need to 
Ride Safe in Texas .We do not want any other family to go through what we have gone through nor do we want to see any child grow up missing a parent or grandparent due to a motorcycle accident. 
written by Angel, mother of our special Super B 
(both supporters since 2005) Super B found out that a group of bikers put together a fund run for his family when they heard he was in a coma for 2 months & mom had to stop working to be his full time care-giver, something she has never regretted. After 6 months of hospitals & rehab, Super B finally went home. He had very little memory & due to a stroke while in his coma,  he was going home 
a quadriplegic. During therapy, Super B would ask more questions about the nice bikers that helped us. It was time to make some type 
of reunion happen. Suds and Butterfly introduced Super B to the Motorcycle Safety and Awareness program, which he is very excited to be a part of. Super B did home schooling & received his diploma 
a week before he turned 16, has learned to walk again, and can do 
a little more for himself. But his true happiness is keeping all 
his new friends safe and happy. Thank you Suds & Butterfly for bringing us in to your family of amazing people. I've seen this young man go from a good situation, to the worst, and grow into a 
very happy, love filled man. I couldn't be prouder of anyone. I've 
been told bikers are loyal. Great! Because 100% loyalty is what 
you will always have from Super B!  
I'm Keen-O-Bob (supporter since 2010).
I started with Butterfly and Suds in 2010. I was asked to do a proclamation for the city of Harlingen. After the first one I was approached with San Benito and South Padre island. Since then several others have helped me do many cities in the  Rio Grande Valley. I  started  riding a motorcycle  @18 and have been riding ever since. I started with Harley Owners Group in 2002, Patriot Guard Riders in 2005 and Bikers Against Child Abuse in 2015. 
So everyone ride safe and ride often. KEEN-O-BOB 
Andy Stoody of ABATE (speaking), 
Spunik of TMRA2 (white t-shirt)
& Butterfly (brown jacket)